3 Course Bundle:


Are you worried about Postpartum mainly? This course is for you!

Step-by-step guidance for postpartum preparation, prevention and navigation.

A road map of awareness and support.

Body, mind and soul work to feel at your best through all of the physical and emotional changes.

Complete education and preparation
a smooth transition into motherhood.
If you...

Feel lost on how to navigate postpartum and want guidance and support.

Want a preventative approach to the motherhood transition.
Want to learn all of your postpartum options with no judgement or p ressure, in a simple way.

Want to feel confident in your own motherly instincts.

Want to advance yourself to the challenges with solutions and education, to tackle any obstacles, stress-free.

Lower your chances of developing postpartum mood disorders, depression and anxiety, by having the right mindset, help, plan, options, resources and education in every way possible.

Then this bundle is for you!

Hi I am Laura, Your Doula!

A Certified Doula, currently getting my prenatal & postnatal nutrition certification, business owner, mom of two, with a powerful community of over 100,000 mamas... and most importantly: I've been in your shoes. I know how you feel.

After 5 years of back-to-back pregnancies, mom life and a Doula Certification, I now know that moms simply need more postpartum awareness, preparation, education and support.

This is why I am here. I want to provide you with all the information, tools and resources in a simplified, easy-to-digest way, while boosting your confidence, so that you trust your motherly instincts and can make empowered choices throughout your journey, to take care of you (mind, body and soul) and of your baby too.

I'm not here to tell you how to do things, but instead, guide you through all of the options helping you find your way, with encouragement, organization and the right tools.

I want you to be informed and ready, with the right education and tools to have a smooth transition into motherhood and postpartum experience.

You deserve to enjoy your journey stress-free, with the right guidance and support and make the best of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Let's do it together! This Postpartum Only Bundle will help you get ready for postpartum in every way possible.

What's a doula? How can a doula help your journey?

Why am I different? How can I help your journey? Why these online courses?

Answering all of these common questions in this little video!

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When does the courses start and finish?

The courses are completely self-paced and online, so you decide when, at your best convenience.

How long do I have access to the courses?

This bundle never expires! So, you can watch and re-watch as many times as you want, even in future pregnancies!

What if I want a refund?

Sorry, no refunds here. If you are not sure if you should enroll in this bundle, email [email protected] and my team and I will gladly help with questions!

Where do I watch?

As soon as you enroll, you will have access to the courses. You can watch from your phone or your computer in an extremely user-friendly way!

When is the best time to enroll?

This bundle is meant for those in the 3rd trimester and over, even through postpartum days, but you can enroll anytime through your pregnancy, as it doesn't expire.

Which order should I follow?

The following order is recommended:

  1. Postpartum Plan
  2. Mom Care
  3. Newborn & Nursing*

* This course would be great watching during the early postpartum days

Questions before enrolling?

Email Email [email protected] and my team and I will help!